File Permission Management using ADManager Plus in Active Directory Environments

ADManager Plus file permissions manager will help business enterprises to manage the permissions on shares, folders and files in bulk through a self-explanatory and user-friendly UI. Unlike the native methods of file permission management, which are error-prone, ADManager Plus's file permission manager offers ultra-clear visibility into users' access permissions (to files or shares) and easy ways to manage them.

Managing permissions on file and folders involves two simple steps

  • Monitor and identify excess permissions
  • Re-organize permissions to discipline the 'access control system'
  • Repeat at optimum intervals

The video below will help understand how ADManager Plus' file permissions manager can help discipline the "access control system" in an organization.

With ADManager Plus:

  • You can schedule and generate reports based on file permissions to give you more clarity on who has access to what reports
  • File permissions can be modified in bulk saving administrators and technicians a lot of time and effort
  • In a few clicks you can list all the Folders and Files over which a specified account has permissions
  • Revoking NTFS/share permissions will be a one step process
  • You can customize subfolder levels at which a permission should be modified

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