How to isolate users and move them to another container (OU)

Objective: It is a safe practice to move or isolate unused, inactive or disabled user accounts to a specifically designated container or OU. This will prevent these user accounts from being used as holes in your security measures.

Solution: Whenever required, you can scout for the desired user accounts using the appropriate user report and then move the selected users right from the reports. You can also accomplish this task automatically using ADManager Plus' automation feature.

6.1 Steps to isolate users manually

  1. Click on AD Reports → User Reports.
  2. Select the appropriate report based on your need. For example, click on Account Expired Users report to find and isolate expired user accounts.
  3. Select the required Domain and click on Generate to fetch the expired user accounts.
  4. From the list of user accounts displayed, select the required user accounts. You can also use the quick search option located at the top of the report to locate the desired users easily.
  5. After selecting the required user accounts, click on More Actions button located at the top of the report.
  6. In the options displayed, select General Attributes in the category and Move Users in the Action Click on Go.
  7. You will now be taken to the Move Users to another OU page where all the user accounts that you selected will also be listed.
  8. Select the destination container by clicking on '+' located beside the Select the Container option.
  9. Choose all the required users and click on Apply to move all the selected user accounts to the desired container.

6.2 Steps to isolate user accounts automatically

  1. Click on Automation tab.
  2. In Automation click on the Automation link. You will now be in the Scheduled Automations page which lists all the existing automations (automated tasks).
  3. Click on Create New Automation link located at the top right corner of the Scheduled Automations page.
  4. Enter a Name and an appropriate Description for this automation.
  5. Select User Automation in the Automation Category.
  6. Select the required Domain and OUs.
  7. In the Automation Task / Policy option under Tasks to automate, click on Select Task / Policy → Select Task → Move Users.
  8. In Select Objects you can choose to specify the target objects using reports or through a CSV file. Click on the Select link located beside the From Reports option, select the appropriate report (in this case: Account Expire Users).
  9. In Execution Time, specify the time and frequency for executing this 'isolate users in a container' task.
  10. Click on Save to execute this task at the desired times. Click on Save & Run to save this automated task and also run it once immediately.

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