Maintain the integrity of files in OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business holds your critical resources, making it necessary to keep tabs on the file and folder accesses within it. You can get the complete audit trail of user activities, with details on who performed what operation and when. This helps to maintain the integrity of files present in OneDrive for Business.

Who did what operation and when

M365 Manager Plus provides you OneDrive Events Log report, which gives you an overview of all the user activities in OneDrive for Business. You can get details on files uploaded, modified, deleted, renamed, downloaded, and more.

Struggling with file dumping?

Make use of Files Uploaded Report, to find out who uploaded which file, and when. Find out the source of file dumping, and take necessary action.

Working with collaborated files?

One of the advantages of OneDrive for Business is that it lets you collaborate on the go. While working in such an environment, you might need to know, who made what changes and when. At this juncture, OneDrive Files Accessed Report and OneDrive File Modifications Report come in handy. You can find all the details on changes made by the users in files.

Couldn't find the required file?

Frustrated over the file you could not find? The file could have been renamed or moved to another location. Make use of OneDrive File Movement Report and OneDrive File Renamed Report, to find the details of your file.

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