• Collect, correlate and archive event log data from your Windows devices with a wide range of predefined reports and alert profiles to easily track critical system events, application crashes, and more.
  • Audit log data from network devices including firewalls, routers, switches, IDS/IPS and be alerted for events that pose a threat to the security of your network.
  • Analyze syslogs generated by Unix devices in real time with predefined reports and alert profiles that allow you to monitor system events, account changes, sudo command executions, and more.
  • Secure confidential data stored in SQL and Oracle databases by monitoring important events such as DML and DDL changes, user account and server activity.
  • Secure your Active Directory infrastructure by receiving real time alerts for critical events such as security group membership changes.
  • Boost application security measures by auditing usage trend and errors occurring on IIS and Apache web servers.
  • Easily track successful and failed account logons. Find out which accounts have the most failed logons, the ones that have been locked out, and the reason for the lockout.
  • Track important events occurring in your Office 365 environment such as user logon/logoffs, inactive users, malicious email spam, and more with predefined reports and alerts.
  • Keep internal threats under check by tracking every logon, access and action performed by privileged users. Monitor user session activity on the network to detect anomalies.
  • Combat cyber attacks by detecting malicious traffic in your network with a built-in STIX/TAXII feeds processor and augmented global threat IP database.
  • Secure confidential data with file integrity monitoring. Know who made the change, which object was changed, when the change was made, and what the changed value is.
  • Detect and thwart the proliferation of ransomware on Windows file servers and proactively mitigate the attack by shutting down the affected systems.