MDM - Invalid APNs Certificate


You get an error message "Invaid APNs Certificate" in the following situations.

  • While uploading APNs certificate
  • While managing a mobile device using Desktop Central MDM


You might get this error message due to one of the following reasons;


You need to verify if the following while uploading the APNS certificate and managing a mobile device using Desktop Central MDM.

Incorrect APNs password

When you upload APNs certificate, ensure that you provide the same password that you have used to create the APNs certificate.

Wrong APNs file format

While uploading APNs certificate, ensure that the uploaded file is in .p12 format

APNs certificate Expired

Ensure that the APNs certificate is valid, if the APNs certificate has expired, re-generate a new APNs certificate and upload the same.

Applies to: Creating APNs certificate, Manage Mobile Device

Keywords: Incorrect APNs password, APNs certificate expired, APNs file format, Mobile Device Management.