Exclusive Offer for Desktop Central Customers

Exclusive Offer for Desktop Central Customers

Purchasing Desktop Central gives you an awesome bonus gift you will love : ServiceDesk Plus.

ServiceDesk Plus is a web based ITIL-Ready helpdesk and asset management software that provides help desk agents and IT managers an integrated console to monitor and maintain the assets and IT requests generated from the users of the IT resources in an organization. More than 20,000 IT managers worldwide in 186 countries use ServiceDesk Plus to manage their IT help desk and assets. ServiceDesk Plus is available in 29 different languages.

Both Desktop Central and ServiceDesk Plus are closely related products targeting the same customer segments.

Desktop Central offers you 3 technician ServiceDesk Plus Professional edition, multi language one year license (250 Nodes) absolutely free.

Benefits of Integrated ServiceDesk Plus and Desktop Central

Desktop Central can be seamlessly integrated with ServiceDesk Plus to offer the folowing:

  • Perform Desktop Management functions from and integrated web console
  • Eliminate the need of having multiple agent on the client computers. Desktop Central agent will perform all the funtions of SDP agent and update the data in ServiceDesk Plus database
  • ServiceDesk Plus will also have MDM Integration with Desktop Central
  • The Asset details from Desktop Central are integrated with ServiceDesk Plus CMDB
  • User Requests from Desktop Central will automatically get logged as Help Desk requests
  • Specific events such as detecting a prohibited software, insufficient license, etc., can belogged as tickets in ServiceDesk Plus
  • You will be able to deploy software to users from the ServiceDesk Plus console

For more details on integration and steps, refer here.

Steps to Integrate

ServiceDesk Integration Guide - Step-by-Step guide

Steps to Integrate - Video

Are there any hidden terms or conditions?

No! It's a complimentary 3 Technician ServiceDesk Plus Professional Edition Multi-lang (250 Nodes) 1year license.

Just remember that this is complimentary offer just for you

Terms of this offer

  • The license is not transferable and can only be used within your organization.
  • This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • The license is valid for one year.
  • You are eligible for free support through Email/Forums. If you require telephone support and/or web-based support, you will need to purchase it separately.
  • You can upgrade this license anytime during the year by paying the additional amount.
  • Upgrading the license will automatically make you entitled for telephonic support.
  • You are entitled for free product updates for the whole year.

I like ServiceDesk Plus and I need more licenses for my users, what to do ?

In that case, you can always upgrade the license anytime.With this offer you will receive 3 Technician license for free with Professional edition.

For more additional licenses on the cost, you can check out the below link so that you knowhow much it would come to.


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Instructions to apply the license

  • Save your license to your desired location in your computer.
  • Ensure that ServiceDesk Plus is running. Log into it (username: Administrator| password: Administrator)
  • Click on the "License" link available on the top right corner.
  • In the pop-up that emerges, under "Enter License File", provide the path where you stored the license file. Click the "Upgrade" button.
  • The screen will say "License upgraded Successfully" at the bottom along with the details of the license on the top.

Other Features

Remote Control

Technicians can now access any computer from anywhere in your network quickly and securely with just a web browser & remote control feature in ServiceDesk plus...

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Data Archiving

Archive your old, unused data and improve your helpdesk performance. ServiceDesk plus allows you to access your archived data from different queue and also has the...

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Voice Controlled iPhone App

Voice/ speech enabled mobile app thoughtfully built for IT help desk to access on the go. Work from anywhere, anytime...

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Multi Site Support

Customize your configurations for every site according to their unique working procedure. You can manage multiple sites with a single helpdesk tool and get...

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Generate detailed reports about your Help desk performance & metrics. With the variety of reporting functionalities, analyze your help desk and take control...

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AD & LDAP Integration

ServiceDesk plus allows you to import users and their informations from Active directory and LDAP with a simple easy to use interface. It also includes authentication and single sign-on for users without making any changes to schema of AD or LDAP.

我们知道ITIL是一个庞大的工程,但是ServiceDesk Plus像ITIL的一个向导,使ITIL实施变得简单容易。
Aaron Bockelie
senior system administrator, Warner Bros. Games
全球最大的企业正在使用卓豪ServiceDesk Plus管理IT服务