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 NetFlow Analyzer Highlights

NetFlow Analyzer 5.5 ( build 5505 ) has the following features over 5.0 (build 5002)
  • Support for Cisco NBAR : NBAR(Network Based Application Recognition) is an intelligent classification engine  that can recognize a wide variety of applications like Web-based and client/server applications.  It can  analyze & identify application traffic in real time. NetFlow Analyzer now supports NBAR and lets you classify applications.
  • Scheduling of reports : This feature lets you automate the report generation activity by letting you set schedules(daily/weekly/monthly) at which reports can be generated automatically and emailed to the desired recipients
  • Support for NetFlow V9 : This format is flexible and is also extensible, which provides the versatility needed to support new fields and record types. This format accommodates new NetFlow-supported technologies such as Multicast, DoS, IPv6, BGP next hop.The NetFlow Version 9 export format is template-based.
  • IP address based Application Mapping: Lets you define applications based on IP address / range / network in addition to port & protocol.
  • Enhanced Data Storage : Data is stored in both aggregated and non-aggregated formats. The aggregated top 100 is stored forever and provides reports for capacity planning and long term reporting. The non-aggregated (or raw) data can be stored for upto 1 month and allows troubleshooting with 1 minute granularity.
  • ToS & TCP: Type of Service (ToS) provides information on IP precedence( the importance & priority of the traffic), throughput, delay, reliability & cost. TCP flag provides information about TCP handshakes during a conversation.
  • Reporting of 95-th percentile in Traffic Reports
  • Ability to Listen on multiple ports for enhanced flow handling capability
  • Interface Group: Interface Group allows you to combine interfaces in order to monitor traffic. This can be useful for grouping multiple sub-interfaces into a single logical entity and monitor the traffic on them.

Localized setup is available in Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Spanish languages

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