Traffic Analysis using NetFlow Analyzer

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Often caught up in the daily chores, network managers are not able to allocate enough time to analyze the traffic pattern in their networks. A sound analysis can often indicate trends/patterns not known to exist. Especially, trends and reports over long time ranges can be very useful when taking critical decisions.

A Scenario:

An IT manager based in London is considering the roll out of a new service on his network. Since a large number of users will depend on this new service, he has to be absolutely certain that his network is ready for this new application.

He logs into ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer to check the traffic pattern for the particular link over the last few months.

Barring a few instances of high usage, the link does have enough capacity to allow the new deployment. He further checks the application distribution on that link to determine the overall link usage.
The link utilization over the period has been less than 50% and he can roll out this service without impacting performance.

A sound and in-depth traffic analysis can help take the right decisions, as in the case above.

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