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Service Packs

Important: The latest version of NetFlow Analyzer Enterprise Edition is 7.7(Build 7700). You can migrate older versions using the following service pack.

How do I find out my build number? | What's new in this release?

If you currently running the Build ... Do the following
between 7000 to 7600
Please fill up this form to move to 7700

If you are using other build and wish to upgrade, please contact

How do I find out my Build number?
Log in to the NetFlow Analyzer web client, and click the About link in the top pane. You will find the build number mentioned below the version number. This is the build number of the currently installed NetFlow Analyzer.

Please follow the steps below to apply the service pack to move to build 7700:

1. Shut down the central server.

2. Open a command prompt and navigate into <Netflowcentral>/bin directory.

3. Execute - updatemanager.bat (in case of windows) / .sh (in case of linux)

4. This will prompt you a box where you can browse and select the servicepack (PPM file)

5. Click install to continue.

Wait for few minutes till the process gets completed.

6. Once the installation processing shield says 100 % completed, please close that window.

7. You do not have to apply the service pack on the collector, the collector gets upgraded automatically once the central server is started.

In case the collector does not start automatically please start the collector manually from the services. You dont have to apply the service pack for the collectors.


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