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New Features in Distributed Edition 9.8

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  • Time-zone reporting
    • The user can view reports on the respective time-zones for Central Server and Collector

    New Features in Enterprise Edition 7.7

    • Alert Profile
      • Option to add new alert criteria based on DSCP and IP address.
      • Option to add Threshold type like volume,speed, and packets
    • Schedule report
      • Option to include business hours for weekly and monthly time period.
      • Overall report for IP groups
    • Mail Server settings
      • Support for Secure SSL encryption

    Features added in Enterprise Edition 7.6

    • Support for IPv6 Address Format - IPv6 Addressing support - Future ready network monitoring by supporting IPv6 flows data
    • Support for manual raw data collection for a Collector/Router - Option to manage raw data collection for any router or collector.
    • Support to send reports as attachments in alert emails - Option to attach reports in the alerts emails sent.
    • File Load status of collector - Know about the status of the files in the queue of a specific collector

    Features added in Enterprise Edition 7.5

    • Site-to-Site Traffic Monitoring - NetFlow Analyzer Enterprise Edition lets you monitor traffic between two specific sites, which are created based on IP Address or IP Network. This feature helps you understand network traffic behaviour between any two user defined site.
    • Netflow Sampling- NetFlow Analyzer now supports NetFlow V9 and V5 sampling.
    • Sampling rate accounted during the flow calculation - Flow calculation also takes sampling rate(defined by the network administrator) into account.
    • Interface Group level User Permission - Administrators can now set user permisions at the interface level using NetFlow Analyzer Enterprise Edition.
    • Other enhancements
      • Support for exporting reports to CSV and email
      • Enhanced search option under License Management
      • Alert Profile Configuration for Operator
      • Global SNMP setting for Routers

    Features added in Enterprise Edition 7.4

    • Network Snapshot Dashboard - Network snapshot makes it easier for you to monitor your network without toggling between multiple tabs. Widgets on top interfaces, IP Groups, Applications, Conversations, QoS and recent network alerts for the last one hour provides hassle free network monitoring.

    Features added in Enterprise Edition 7.3

    • SNMP V3 Support - SNMP V3 provides secure access to devices by a combination of authenticating and encrypting packets over the network. NetFlow Analyzer Enterprise Edition now supports Simple Network Management Protocol Version 3(SNMP V3).

    Features added in Enterprise Edition 7.2

    • Support for Cisco ASA - NetFlow Analyzer Enterprise Edition now supports Cisco ASA (ISO version 8.2 onwards).

    Features added in Enterprise Edition 7.1

    • Billing - NetFlow Analyzer Enterprise Edition offers Speed and Volume based billing. Bills can be generated periodically and used for accounting and chargeback. Enterprises can associate IP groups and interfaces to specific bill plans, according to project and client requirement.

    Features added in Enterprise Edition 7.0

    • Validating QoS policieswith Cisco CBQoS - Enterprise edition now supports Cisco CBQoS and provides report on the per-class pre policy, post policy drops and queues. This new feature complements the already existing support for Cisco's Network based application recognition (NBAR), helping in application mapping and providing better quality of service.

    • User based dashboard page for guests / Operators - Each user can have their own dashboard, only viewing devices that need to be monitored by them, which can be sorted based on utilization, speed etc.

    • Business hour alerts - makes sure that the users do not have to worry about the alerts that might be generated during non-business hours. With the new version of NetFlow Analyzer, business hours can be preset as per the enterprise's need and the alerts can be activated only during that period.

    • Exclude IP address(es) option in IP groups - During creations of IP groups, the exclude option makes it much easier to exclude only particular addresses from a network as the requirement may be.

    • Radius authentication - Radius Server is useful in centralised management of user credential details. Once the user roles are defined in the User Management feature of NetFlow Analyzer, subsequent authentication of the user profiles can be done from the Radius Server.

    • Exclude encrypted applications - Enabling NetFlow on cryptomap tunnel interfaces double counts the ESP / GRE traffic. That can be prevented by applying this filter on cryptomap tunnel interfaces.

    • Output interface suppression - WAN optimizers compress the packets and therefore the flow size varies. The size of the packet going in and coming out is not the same, and the readings can be misleading and confusing, to say the least. To avoid this, "Output Interface Suppression" can be used. The interface in which the compression takes place (destination/output interface) can be suppressed.

    • ACL related drops - Access control filter drops the flow information which contains data pertaining to dropped traffic due to Access Control List.

    Other Enhancements:

    • DNS enhancement
    • Viewing older schedule reports from UI
    • Customize the period of time for which the data needs to shown in the traffic page.
    • Adding any PROTOCOL_APP (ex. TCP_APP, UDP_APP... ) applications from the specific conversations itself
    • Conversation Distribution Graph - Ability to see the graphs near the conversations.
    • "Keep me signed in" option
    • Search by Total IN / OUT / Utili / Speed

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