What is Failover?

Failover ensures that if your primary server is unavailable, your users are automatically directed to a standby server, which takes over as the new primary server. Failover is the capability to take the backup online without shutting down and starting the central server. This allows uninterrupted report generation with no loss of real time data.

How does Failover feature work?

The NetFlow Analyzer Enterprise Edition 6.5 provides incremental data back up and high availability for Central Server data. A typical enterprise edition set up consists of a Central Server machine and multiple Collectors. In order to use FailOver feature, an additional machine identical to Central Server's hardware specification is required. Please refer the below set up for FailOver:

Machine A and Machine B are identical in terms of hardware configuration. Primary Central Server is started in Machine A and acts as the usual Central Server that collects data from Collectors and generates reports. HotStandBy Server is started in Machine B. HotStandBy Server(B) just watches the health of Primary Server (A) and syncs up the data with Primary Server(A) through MySQL data replication. This ensures that there is two copies of data.

When the Primary Central Server(A) crashes, HotStandBy Server(B) automatically restarts as New Primary Central Server (B). Please refer the below image:

The Collectors will automatically start sending the collected data to the New Primary Central Server (B).

If the crashed server started again, it will automatically starts as New HotStandBy Server (A).  Please refer the below image:

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