Enterprise Edition – Distributed Monitoring at Ease

Add-Ons to NetFlow Analyzer Distributed Edition

  • Support for CBQoS / NBAR - You can intelligently map the applications and thus maitain a good level of QoS in your network. Applying QoS policies have become a fad, to ensure that the business critical applications get enough bandwidth. The QoS policies will only be as effective as the mapping of applications. If the applications are not mapped correctly, the policies will not take effect. This is where the Cisco NBAR technology plays a signficant role. NBAR helps in mapping the applications that even use dyanamic ports. Once the applications are mapped, then the policies can help ensuring the bandwidth as per the policies.

    Cisco CBQoS (class based quality of service) is a complementry technology to NBAR. ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer, using CBQoS technology, reports on per class pre-policy, post-policy, drops and queues. This helps the network administrators set QoS policies and fine tune them. Read more...
  • Billing - Now you can chargeback on clients based speed or volume of bandwidth utilized. Take a look at the user configurable flexible bill plans here. Read more about billing / chargeback here.
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