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Be More Productive; Automate Software Deployment using Built-In Software Repository

Most Software Distribution tools often involves complex steps like creating scripts or manual package creation process that needs more time and effort. Desktop Central goes a step ahead in allowing administrators to create deployment packages from in-built templates in a single click. Desktop Central comes with in-built deployment templates for software that are widely used in enterprises. When you create a package from templates, Desktop Central automatically downloads the software binaries from the vendor’s website and adds a package with all the required silent installation and uninstallation switches. All you have to do is to select the target computers and deploy.

Salient Features of Software Deployment

  • 100+ Application in Built-in Repository
  • Install and Uninstall software applications
  • Supports various installable like MSI, EXE, ISS, or script-based deployments
  • Accomplish pre- and post-installation checks
  • Scheduled deployments

For more details on Software Deployment using Desktop Central, refer to our Website.

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