ADAudit Plus



Exclusive Offer for OpManager Customers

Purchasing OpManager entitles you to a gift: ADAudit Plus, a Windows Active Directory Auditing and Reporting Software. Organizations can audit their network environments and keep track of every authorized / unauthorized access of users Logon & Logoff, GPO, Groups, Computer, OU changes with 150+ detailed event specific reports and instant email alerts.

Windows AD & User Workstation Audit Highlights

  • Monitor activities by Admin, Helpdesk, HR etc.
  • Track Users' Workstation Logon & Logoff.
  • Single view of all critical audit data for configured domains.
  • Set email alerts for critical accounts, unauthorized access.
  • Logins for IT Auditors with reports view only.
  • Archive AD event data for Security and Forensics.
  • Meet SOX, GLBA, PCI, FISMA, HIPAA Compliance.
  • Submit audit reports as XLS, CSV, PDF and HTML.


  • This unconditional complimentary ADAudit Plus licence is for you / within your organization only & valid for a year.
  • If You Wish to Upgrade Your ADAudit Plus, Please Visit the Online Store.

Instructions to apply the license

1. Save your license to a location in your computer.
2. Ensure that ADAudit Plus is running. Login (username: admin | password: admin)
3. Click on the "License" link on the top right corner.
4. In the pop-up, under "Enter License File", provide the path to the stored license file. Click on the "Upgrade" button.

Other ADAudit Plus Features
Active Directory Audit and Compliance Active Directory Audit and Compliance
Auditing Active Directory changes helps organizations to be compliant with regulatory requirements. Learn how ADAudit Plus change audit software can help with data on security audits.
Audit User Management Actions Audit User Management Actions
Keep tabs on what your users do. Study recent changes done by them. Maintain accountable / historical data of user and administrator actions.
Windows File Server Auditing Windows File Server Auditing
Centrally Track-Audit-Secure the Windows File Server files; securely monitor and report the authorized / unauthorized document access, file/folder structure changes, shares and access permissions.
Schedule Active Directory change reports Schedule Active Directory change reports
Schedule event log data extraction, view them as reports on the ADAudit Plus web interface, also configure them to be emailed to specified users at desired times.
Track User Logon Actions Track User Logon Actions
Audit and monitor logon actions of users including logon hours, peak logon times and more. ADAudit Plus reports facilitate effective monitoring / tracking of user logon.