How to secure E-mail attachments in iOS devices?


Corporate E-mails often contain confidential organization data as attachments, which must be accessible to the users while preventing any type of unauthorized access. It is also expected that these attachments should not be accessible to other apps. In certain third-party document viewers, the documents are automatically synced with different cloud services, which may cause data breach.

MDMP MSP secures attachment by using the document viewer, which is a part of the ME MDM app. The document viewer is an optimal way for securing documents. With the document viewer, you can ensure e-mail attachments are

  • Viewed only through the document viewer.
  • Saved only with the ME MDM  app.
  • Not copied by the users through clipboard.
  • Not accessed by any third party apps.

Thus, MDM app becomes the endpoint for secure document management, ensuring the data is most secure and can be accessed only by the users. Including the above features, it has also the following advantages.

  • The document viewer has all the e-mail attachments saved, ensuring easy viewing of all the organizational documents in one place.
  • Document Viewer is included as a part of the ME MDM app, ensuring no additional app is to be installed for content management.
  • MDMP MSP becomes the single point for both device management and content management, ensuring restrictions and profiles can be configured to optimally utilize the document viewer.
  • The document viewer doesn't sync with any Cloud service such as iCloud, ensuring there is no copy of the data except in the document viewer.

This is applicable only for iOS devices running iOS 7.0 or later versions.

NOTE: Know how to secure e-mail attachments using MDMP MSP in under 3 minutes, from this video.


  • Distribute ME MDM app to iOS devices. App distribution can be automated by navigating to Enrollment -> ME MDM App(under iOS) and select the option Distribute ME MDM App to the managed iOS devices. You can also configure MDM app settings to install ME MDM app silently as explained here.
  • In the MDMP MSP console, click on Device Mgmt and select Profiles.
  • Click on Create Profile and select iOS profile.
  • Configure Exchange or E-mail policies.
  • To ensure attachments can be only viewed through ME MDM app, click on Restrictions and select Security.
  • Restrict the option Share data from Managed Apps to Unmanaged apps.
  • Save and publish the profile.
  • Distribute the profile by selecting the devices and clicking Associate Profile.

NOTE: Ensure no apps used for viewing documents has been distributed through MDMP MSP. If distributed, then the attachments can also be viewed through the distributed app as well as ME MDM app.