How to configure Exchange ActiveSync profile for Non-Samsung Android devices? 


Exchange ActiveSync profile lets the administrator configure Exchange settings in the managed devices. To configure Exchange ActiveSync profile for Non-Samsung Android devices running 5.0 or later versions, the device must be enrolled either as Profile Owner/Device Owner.

To enroll a device as Device Owner, refer to this.

To enroll a device as Profile Owner, the device can be enrolled in any enrollment method(Self-Enrollment, Enrollment by Invite etc.,) other than NFC, as explained here


The only pre-requiste is that Gmail app must be installed in the device.


To create an Exchange ActiveSync profile,

  1. Click on the Device Mgmt tab and Select Profiles from the left pane.
  2. Click Create Profile and select Android profile
  3. Select Exchange ActiveSync and Configure the profile by specifying the required details as explained here. Save and publish the profile.
  4. Distribute the profile as explained here.

Once the profile is distributed to the device, a notification informing the same is shown to the user. On clicking the notification, Gmail and Google Play Services get automatically updated to the latest versions, if need be. To complete the configuration, the user needs to enter the password of the Exchange account.

If certificate-based authentication is used for configuring Exchange ActiveSync, then passcode must be set in the device. Click here to know more about forcing a passcode to be set in the device.

NOTE: Divide Productivity App which was used to configure Exchange ActiveSync before, will be stopped support and removed from the Play Store on June 30, 2017 by its developers. Exchange ActiveSync already configured using Divide will not be affected i.e. the profile can still be modified. However, if the profile is removed from the device and associated again, Exchange will be configured only using Gmail.