How to choose enrollment techniques for required features? 


This document helps you choose the most suitable enrollment technique based on the required features.


After the devices are enrolled into the Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP server, a wide range of device management features will be made available. Some of these features require the devices to be enrolled using a particular enrollment method.

For iOS devices:

Supervising devices enables extra restrictions that can be applied to the devices. The users can use either of the Admin Enrollment techniques— Apple DEP enrollment or Apple Configurator to supervise devices. Following are a few features that can be accessed only if the iOS devices are supervised.

  1. Lost mode works without MDM app and even when the GPS is turned off on the device.
  2. App store and In-house apps can be installed and updated silently.
  3. Devices can be locked to a single app using Single App Lock.
  4. Wireless transfer of files on iOS devices using AirDrop can be restricted.
  5. Apps can be restricted from using cellular data.
  6. Account modification can also be prevented.
  7. Web content can be blacklisted/whitelisted.
For Android devices:

Certain features require the device to be provisioned as a Device Owner to be accessed. To enroll devices as device owner, NFC enrollment can be used.

Following features are available only for devices provisioned as Device Owner.

  1. Configuring Exchange ActiveSync for non-Samsung devices
  2. Silently uninstall blacklisted apps from devices.
  3. Additional restrictions like disabling screenshots, restricting installation of non-market apps can be applied to Device Owner provisioned devices. For the complete list of restrictions that can be applied, refer this.

NOTE: A device can be provisioned as Device Owner using G-suite and Device Policy Controller (DPC) token. For more information on these methods, refer this.

To choose the enrollment techniques for your organization, refer this.