Patch Configuration Failure - "Draft Download Failed"


You are trying to deploy patches of Microsoft/other vendors. However Patch Configuration fails with error message: "Draft - Download Failed".


The possible reasons could be:

  1. Proxy might not have been configured. (or) Authentication provided in the proxy settings does not have necessary privileges to download EXE files.
  2. You do not have access to download EXE files from the respective Software Vendor site.


  1. Add the proxy settings. Go to Admin --> Proxy settings --> Type the appropriate user name and password along with IP. The user specified should have the permission to download the exe file.
  2. Given below are the list of the sites from where Desktop Central downloads the patches. The proxy credential supplied should have access to downlod the executbles from these sites:
    1. - for Microsoft applications
    2. - for Mozilla Firefox
    3. - for Adobe patches
    4. - for Mozilla Thunderbird
    5. - for Adobe Shockwave Player
    6. - for Adobe Flash Player
    7.  - for Java updates

Applies to: Patch Deployment, Patch Configuration, Patch Download

Keywords: Patch Management, Deploy Patches, Configure Patch Installation, Download Patches