On-demand Tasks - Agent Unavailable


You cannot complete any one of the following on-demand tasks:

  • Scanning for patches
  • Scanning for inventory
  • Establishing remote control
  • Moving agents from one remote office to another

The error message on the screen is,'Agent is not reachable'.


You will get this error message in the following cases:

  • Computers could be:
    • In hibernate mode
    • In standy mode
    • Shutdown
    • Disconnected from the network
  • Communication cannot be established between the agent and the server


You are required to identify why you cannot install an agent. Follow one of the solutions given below, depending on what the problem is.

Computers are in hibernate, sleep mode or shutdown

Ensure that the computers, in which you want to start the on-demand tasks, are switched on

Computers are not in the network

Ensure that the computers, in which you want to start the on-demand tasks, are available in the network. Check the following:

  • Network-cable connection
  • Status of the computers. For example, if the computer is shut down, switch it on.

Establishing agent-server communication

Establish access with the central server from the computer in which the agent is installed. The central server has a component called the notification server. Agents communicate with this server to get information regarding on-demand tasks. Ensure that you have opened port 8057 to communicate with the notification server in the following:

  • Network firewall
  • Proxy (if any)
  • Central server firewall

You can view the port number of the notification server at Admin>NAT Settings.

Applies to: Agent availability, On-demand tasks

Keywords: Agent availability, On-demand task failure, Agent unavailable