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How can I image a computer with Desktop Central Agent on it?


This document will guide you to image a computer with Desktop Central Agent on it. There are few pre-requisites which are descibed below.


Desktop Central Agent has an unique id which represents the machine with its name and system details. If more than one Desktop Central Agent is identified with the same id , the details listed in the Desktop Central Console will be overwritten . This would end up listing details of only one computer thought there are several computers with the same id. So in order to aviod this issue, follow the steps mentioned below to image a computer with Desktop Central Agent on it.


  1. Install Desktop Central Agent in the computer which is to be used for imaging.
  2. Download pre install script and store it in the system that is supposed to be imaged.
    (running this script will block the Desktop Central Agent communicating the Desktop Central Server. After imaging, go to step 7 to restore communication)
  3. Remane the .txt file as .vbs file
  4. Open the command prompt as administrator and navigate to the folder where the above script is stored.
  5. Execute the script as:cscript.exe dcagentpreimage.vbs
    (example : E:\Downloads>cscript.exe dcagentPreImage.vbs)
  6. Now your computer is ready to be imaged with Desktop Central Agent, for deployment.
    Desktop Central Agent in the newly imaged computers will contact the Desktop Central Server only if they are renamed.
  7. If you want to manage the imaged computer, download post install script and run the same as administrator on the imaged computer after being used for deployment(remane the .txt file as .vbs file).
  8. This would restore the Desktop Central Agent communication with the Desktop Central Server.