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    What's New in Zoho Reports

    Trail on Zoho Reports feature and service evolution.


    Jan. 25, 2014

    Improvements in Lookup Column

    Now Zoho Reports has enhanced the Lookup column feature by adding a new option to handle parent table data deletion.
    Setting this option will not delete (retain) the corresponding rows in the child table even when data is delete in the parent table. Also enabling this option will provide much higher performance in data uploads into this table when compared to others options and hence its highly recommended
    From now on this will be the default option. You could enable this option for the existing Lookup Columns using the Edit Lookup Setting option in column right-click menu.


    Enhancements to Multi-view Exports

    The following convenience options have been added for selecting views in Multi-view Export:

    • Sort - Allows you to sort the views list in Alphabetical or by view type.
    • Search - Allows you to easily search for views
    • Select by View - Allows you to select views by view type.
    • Selected View Display - The Selected views will be displayed now in a separate pane on the right for better segregation and easy ordering.

    More API Supports

    Zoho Reports now supports the following APIs.

    • Add Column - Add a column in a table in Zoho Reports.
    • Rename Column - Rename an existing column in the table.
    • Delete Column - Delete an existing column in a table.

    Dec. 26, 2013

    Support to Control the Underlying Data Visibility

    With this update Zoho Reports has enhanced the underlying data visibility setting for a better control over underlying data.

    Changes in Default Underlying Data 

    So far, for the Admin and the Owner of a report, involved columns in the report will be listed in the underlying data by default and they can change is as needed. Now all the columns will be listed for their reports, which they can modify as needed. 

    Zoho Reports also provides an option to select or unselect all the columns easily. 


    Underlying Data Visibilityfor Dashboard

    From now on, Zoho Reports allows you to choose whether to display all the columns or only the involved columns used in the reports in Dashboard for shared users. 

    By default, columns used in the reports alone will be included in the underlying data. You can choose to display all columns if needed.


    Enhancement for Zoho Project Connector Add-on

    Zoho Projects Connector Add-on now provides Sync Now option. With this you will be able to import the data from the Zoho Projects portal into Zoho Reports instantly. You could use this twice between the set schedules. 

    Zoho Projects Connector Add-on also provides an option to select all the projects while creating a database to import Zoho Projects data.


    Support to Show or Hide Summary Row in Pivot Table

    So far Zoho Reports Pivot Tables allows to show or hide the summary column as needed. Now this is available for the summary rows too. 

    Support for C# Client libraries

    Apart from the Java and Python client libraries, Zoho Reports now provides C# Client Library too. This wraps the raw HTTP based API of Zoho Reports with easy to use methods for the C# .Net platform, enabling the C# .Net developers to easily use Zoho Reports API from their application.

    For more details on this, refer to the help document here.

    Dec. 4, 2013

    White Label site home page with Multi-tab Dashboard/Reports view

    Now Zoho Reports allows the White Label Customers to configure the home page with a multi-tab dashboard. With this your users will be able easily navigate between the views.

    Nov. 21, 2013

    Enhancements for Table Designer

    Zoho Reports has enhanced the table Edit Design for a better usability. With this you will be able to perform the following operations while designing a table.


    Add Formula

    Now you can add custom formula or aggregate formula in your table from the designer. It is also supported to edit the formula from the designer.

    Also the Add Formula link in the new row give easy access for creating Custom Formula.


    Export the Table Design

    Now you could export the table design into CSV, Excel or PDF file for your reference.

    You could resize the Edit Design table and search the required data. You could also export the search result alone if needed.

    Rename Legend Item

    From now you can rename the legend item of a Multi-Y axis chart. So far the Chart legend will be named by the column name and the function applied on it, which cannot be edited. Now you could specify an appropriate name for your legend item. From Chart Edit Design click the legeng item and select Rename Legend to change the name as required.

    Nov. 12, 2013


    Support to Control the underlying data visibility

    Till now, when you provide the permission to view the underlying data of a report your users will be able to see all the columns of the underlying table on which the report has been created.

    Now Zoho Reports allows you to select the columns that has to be listed in the underlying data.

    By default, columns used in the reports alone will be included in underlying data. You can select or unselect required columns.

    With this you will be able to set what your shared users will be able to access. .


    Filter Ranking Enhanced

    When you apply Top/Bottom N filtering on a report you can now choose a base column for the by clause from any of the related tables. So far you could choose a base column only from the primary table on which the report was created. .


    Chart Border Customization Option

    Now Zoho Reports supports enhancing the look and feel of the chart by setting the chart border layout.

    Using this you can set the sides on which the chart borders will be visible.

    Oct. 30, 2013


    Zoho Projects Advanced Analytics Add-on

    The Zoho Projects Advanced Analytics Add-on is now available in the service.

    With this add-on Zoho Projects users can slice & dice their projects data to analyze & track their key project metrics.


    Importing Data

    Setting up this add-on will sync data from your Zoho Projects portals into Zoho Reports.

    Data from the following modules will be imported and stored in Tables in Zoho Reports.

    • Milestones
    • Tasks
    • Task owners
    • Timesheet
    • Users

    We plan to support synchronizing the Bugs module too in the near future.


    50+ Useful Default Reports

    Along with the Connector Add-on you will get 50+ insightful reports & dashboards to track your key project metrics. You can always customize them to your needs.

    These hand-picked reports include target vs.completed tasks, delayed tasks and milestones, revenue reports, top/bottom 5 project members and much more...


    In-built Templates

    This Add-on also bundles a set of pre-built reporting templates to help generate reports like Burndown reports, Projects revenue calculation etc., You can customize these templates to adapt to your specific projects data.


    Creating your own reports

    You could also create your own custom reports over the projects data easily using the drag and drop interface in Zoho Reports.

    You can also import other datasets and combine them with your projects data to create compelling & holistic reports.

    For more details on Zoho Reports Projects Connector Add-on, refer to the following links

    Oct. 23, 2013


    Support to Apply Share Filter Criteria for E-mailing Reports

    With this build, you will be able to apply the same filter criteria you have applied while sharing to a user for E-mailing the reports too.


    Support to Import More File Formats

    From now Zoho Reports supports importing XLSX format of Excel files from your local drive. It is also supported to import Excel files (both XLS and XLSX format) and HTML files from Google Drive. .

    API Support

    With this update, Zoho Reports will support the following API.

    • Delete database - Delete the reporting database from your account.
    • Manage Users - Supports the following API for easy user management.
    • Add User - Add shared users into your account.
    • Delete User - Delete shared users from your account.
    • Activate User - Activate shared users in your account.
    • Deactivate User - Deactivate shared users in your account.

    Sep. 20, 2013


    More Advanced Summary Functions for Chart

    With this build, more advance summary functions have been added for Charts. They are:

    • Moving Calculation
    • 100% Group 


    Moving Calculation

    This calculates the moving value of each data point based on the inputs you provide. The summary function selected will be taken as the base for calculation. You can perform sum, average, minimum and maximum calculation using this.

    This will be useful to visualize the trend of the your data. The example at the left illustrate the impression of your website vs. moving average of the impressions for the last 30 days.


    100% Group

    Applies the selected summary function and displays each data point as a percentage of the total in a group. This will be useful for creating 100% Stacked Bar and 100% Stacked Area Chart.

    When you create a chart for sales across years categorized by region, then using this function you could get the percentage of sales in each region as seen the example at the left.


    Column Sub-total Support in Pivot Table

    So far sub-total was available only for rows. Now Zoho Reports supports sub-total for columns too. In a Pivot View with multiple columns, you can now show or hide sub-total for each column.

    More In-built Functions for Formula Columns

    Now Zoho Reports supports more in-built functions for formula column and aggregate formula to enable create insightful reports using these advanced calculation.

    The following are the newly supported in-built functions.

    • ADD MONTH - Add the specified number of months to the given date value.
    • ADD QUARTER - Add the specified number of quarters to the given date value.
    • ADD WEEK - Add the specified number of weeks to the given date value.
    • ADD HOUR - Add the specified number of hours to the given date value.
    • ADD MINUTE - Add the specified number of minutes to the given date value.
    • ADD SECOND - Add the specified number of seconds to the given date value.
    • CONVERT TIMEZONE - Converts the date from one timezone to another.
    • DATE- Returns only the date part of the given date-time expression.
    • QUARTER NUMBER - Returns the quarter of the given date in numeric format.
    • CONVERT BASE - Converts the number from one number system to the other.
    • COUNT WITH BLANK (Aggregate) - Returns the count of values including null or empty value.

    Enhanced Sorting option for Pivot column with Advanced Summary Function

    Previously the pivot columns with advanced summary function can be sorted only by the base column. From now on you can directly sort these columns.

    Aug 6, 2013


    Support for Activities module in Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho CRM

    Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho CRM now allows you to synchronize data from Activities modules, which includes Events,Tasks and Calls, into Zoho Reports reporting database.

    With this, Zoho Reports allows you to analyze your Activities data for better decision making. Also, we have added 20+ insightful reports & dashboards for your convenience.

    This module will be synchronized for all new users setting up the Advanced Analytics Add-on. Existing users can synchronize the newly supported module into Zoho Reports by following saving the setup again. For more details, refer here.

    July 17, 2013


    Dashboard PDF Export: New Layout support

    Zoho Reports now allows you to choose among 2 layout options, that suits you, when exporting the Dashboard as PDF. The options are:

    Layout as in Dashboard (existing method)
    As name suggests, the dashboard will be exported retaining the layout of views as laid out in the dashboard design.

    Note that this method of PDF export is optimized for dashboards that contain charts alone. It could fail when you have tablular views in the dashboard, in which case the next layout option is recommended.

    Each Report in New page
    Dashboard will be exported in a single column layout displaying each report in a new page in the PDF.

    This type provides the following additional benefits.

    • Supports exporting dashboard containing tabular views with large data.
    • Supports adding a Table of Content.
    • Supports adding Header and Footer.
    • Supports customizing the language.
    • Supports more sizes for the exported PDF.
    • Supports displaying filter criteria applied in the dashboard level and in the reports level.

    Synchronize Zoho CRM Analytics Data Instantly

    For users of Zoho CRM Analytics Add-on, so far Zoho CRM data will be synchronized into Zoho Reports ones every day at a preset time. Now, Zoho Reports allows the user to sync the data instantly whenever needed. You can also fetch data instantly from Zoho CRM five times a day when needed.

    With this update you will also be able to view the data synchronization status from the Zoho CRM Analytics reporting database from within Zoho Reports.

    June 21, 2013


    Import Data from Authenticated URLs

    Zoho Reports now supports importing data from authenticated URLs. You can now import data from a URL with basic authentication.

    You can also refetch data or schedule import from the authenticated URLs as you had been doing for a plain unauthenticated web URL so far.

    New Enhanced Upload Tool

    We have now released the new Upload Tool with major enhancements rolled out:

    New Databases Support: Upload tool now supports many more new databases including Cloud database. Now you can upload data from the following databases too. 

    • Microsoft Access 2010
    • Firebird
    • SQL Azure (Cloud Database)

    The new Upload Tool supports Auth Token for accessing the Zoho Reports service to upload data. This allows you to upload data using Upload Tool without exposing your user credentials (your password).
    Lot more options (parameters) have been added to command line more of the Upload tool. For more details refer to the following link.

    • CSV UploadTool
    • Database UploadTool

    Recommend you to check out the latest documentation for more details.

    Note: Older versions of Upload Tool will not be supported from 30th of July. Hence, users are recommended to download & use the latest Upload Tool available here.

    Zoho Reports API now supports AuthToken

    Now Zoho Reports API supports a permanent Authentication Token (Auth Token) replacing the temporary Tickets to access your Zoho Reports account using API. This reduces the tedious process of generating temporary Tickets often.

    Auth Token is a user-specific and permanent authentication ID that needs to be passed along with every Zoho Reports API request. This ID is service-specific and cannot be interchanged among Zoho services. Generating Auth Token is a one-time process. This will be valid till you deliberately remove or regenerate it. Click here for more details on this.

    Note: Users are strongly recommended to use Auth Token instead of Tickets for your API requests, as Zoho Reports will completely remove the usage of Ticket by 30th of July.

    May 31, 2013


    Support for Advanced Summary Function in Charts

    Advanced summary functions are one of the most applied functions in Pivot Tables. Now these Advanced summary functions are also supported in Charts !!!

    With this you will be able to apply functions such as % of Total, Running Total, Difference From and so on on a chart. To know more on this, click here.


    Support to Import JSON files

    Now Zoho Reports supports importing data from one more important file format. With this update you will be able to import data from JSON files. 
    You will now find the JSON file type also listed as one of the option in the Import Wizard. To know more on this, click here.

    Very soon JSON imports will also be available in our Zoho Reports Import API.

    May 14, 2013


    Support to Export a Folder

    With this update, Zoho Reports supports exporting views in a folder as PDF.

    So far, when you want to export selected views in a database as a PDF, you need to manually select these reports. Now you can have these views in a folder and export them into a single PDF file. Dashboards in the folder alone will be excluded.

    This will reduce the tedious work of selecting the views from the entire views list available in that database, every time you export them.

    You can also email or schedule email these reports.


    Support to Export Views as Excel XLSX format

    Now Zoho Reports also supports exporting views into Excel XLSX file format. As you might know Zoho Reports already support exporting into Excel XLS file format.

    May 6, 2013


    Charts Look & Feel Enhancements

    We have made several look & feel enhancements to our Charts, they are as follows:

    • Chart tooltips have undergone a complete change. Now it has a different & better presentation than the old one. Also the borders of the tooltip will reflect the background color of the corresponding point in the chart.
    • Default background color of the charts has been modified to white (from previously grey) to provide more lightness to the chart.
    • Consistent font styling & colors have now been applied across all the chart elements.

    Customize Range

    So far, when you add a numeric column with Actual Range (in charts/pivots/summary views), it will automatically calculate the range. Now you can customize the range size to your need by using the Add New Range option.


    More Week Date Format

    With this update, Zoho Reports supports one more new format for displaying Week and Year dates in Charts. Previously, there were two data formats supported: Short (W {no} Year) and Long (dd MMM yyyy - dd MMM yyyy).

    Now you can set Medium (Week {no} Year) date format for Week and Year eg., Week 1 2013, Week 2 2013....


    Enhanced Designer to Handle Multi-column

    Previously, when multiple columns are added into a shelf in Chart designer, you need to scroll to view these columns. Now Zoho Reports supports expandable shelves to display all the columns added to it. Rearranging columns is also made easy.

    Chart Tooltips - Axis Renaming

    So far when you rename the Axis labels in the chart that will not be reflected in the tooltip shown on the chart. Now tooltips will also display the renamed corresponding Axis Label values.

    Support to Retain the User Selected Chart

    As of now every time user edits the chart, Zoho Reports will choose the best chart type based on the columns added irrespective of the Chart type user has already selected. Many users have expressed that this is really inconvenience, as they have already chosen a chart type and would like to stick to it even on some changes.

    Now, when user edits the chart user selected current chart type will be retained, if that chart type can be supported with the new modifications that have been made. If not, Zoho Reports will display the best chart type recommended for the provided chart settings.

    April 15, 2013


    New Import Option for Deleting Missing Records

    Previously, when you update an existing table and you want to remove records in the Zoho Reports table. Only option to do this is to delete entire records in the Zoho Reports table and then add the entire data again. Now Zoho Reports provides an option to delete the removed/missing records while importing.

    When this option is selected, the file to be imported will be matched with the existing Zoho Reports table based on the matching columns and the following action will be executed :

    • Existing records will be updated with the new value.
    • New records will be appended at the end of the table.
    • Records which are not found in the imported file will be removed/deleted from the Zoho Reports table.

    Mar. 27, 2013


    More Chart Types

    Zoho Reports now supports Smooth area and Stacked smooth area chart types. With this option you use a smooth line rendering (spline line) for both Area and Stacked Area charts. You can choose these chart types using the Chart Options dialog.

    The following are the newly supported chart types:

    • Smooth Area
    • Smooth Area with Points
    • Stacked Smooth Area
    • Stacked Smooth Area with Points

    A sample of a smooth area chart with markers displaying data points.

    Mar. 8, 2013


    Preview For Chart Setting Screen

    When you customize the chart settings, so far you will be able to view the changes only when you apply the settings. Now, a preview option has been provided right within Chart Settings screen. This enables you to quickly preview the changes as keep doing them.

    Click the Preview link at the bottom of the Settings screen to view the customized chart.


    A sample screenshot of the Chart setting preview.

    Feb. 23, 2013


    Enhanced Look and Feel

    Zoho Reports is now enhanced with one more theme. With this update, you will be able to apply a new grey theme to the service.

    You can apply this theme by drop-down arrow next to the user name at the top right and then choose the theme.


    Option to Combine Actual and Relative period in User Filter

    Zoho Reports now allows you to combine actual and relative period as Date User Filter values. Users can do this by creating a user filter for Actual Period and then select Include relative values checkbox in the Choose Values tab.


    A sample illustration of a user filter with both actual and relative period as filter value.  

    This build also includes many more bug fixes.

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